Sheep's Tutorials: Habi Makeover Basic

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
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  • Neil W
    by Neil W 6 years ago
    Excellent job. I'll get that featured somewhere tomorrow.
  • Sebastian M
    by Sebastian M 6 years ago
    Thank you! Hope this helps. :)
  • Bobbie
    by Bobbie 6 years ago
    This is great and really helps a lot and you are doing a GREAT job!
    by GIFT GIVER 6 years ago
    Great tutorial☺
  • John
    by John 6 years ago
    this is so cool,thanks for explaining Sebastian
  • Sebastian M
    by Sebastian M 6 years ago
    Glad it helped you guys! :D
  • Sebastian M
    by Sebastian M 6 years ago
    Just a note: to watch the video in a better quality click where it says "360p" and change it to "1080p HD" :)
  • Jenn & Scoot
    by Jenn & Scoot 6 years ago
    Even though I'm a Mac user this still gives me the basic idea. Nice.
  • Sebastian M
    by Sebastian M 6 years ago
    Thanks. Sorry, I don't have a Mac. Although I would like one... :)
  • String Lady Hawke
    by String Lady Hawke 6 years ago
    Excellent job Mr Sebastian..

    I had watched the video and still is confused :*( sorry
  • Angelina
    by Angelina 6 years ago
    Basic ideas. There are more tabs in the newer version. I find the newer one more confusing. I can't get pass the third tab. It just saids it's looking for new items. I waited to at least 10 mins. I just cancelled it. I looked in My Files & see none. When I click on other ppl files I see I missing something. Neil told me it takes time to load files. I the last one I had 14 items and to try habbies with one or two. This will take forever to get all my items in. What is the purpose of My Files? I also posted in the HMO Forum. Please can someone walk me thru this. I even have a club member of giving up because she could not get answers that helps.
  • Ann
    by Ann 6 years ago
    Angelina - I have found that when extracting items from habitats using HMO Basic (latest version), the easiest and quickest way is to use File and select 'Extract Habi Items to Inventory'. You can select a bunch of habitats - I've done about 15 at a time. HMO then looks as if it has frozen - it does say Please be Patiend, lol - and usually in less than a minute, you get a list of the habitats and how many new items have been extracted from each.
  • donna
    by donna 6 years ago
    keep up the good work ")
  • donna
    by donna 6 years ago
    keep up the good work ")
  • Cindy & Fireball
    by Cindy & Fireball 6 years ago
    Thank you so much <3
  • Ray
    by Ray 6 years ago
    Really wanted this to work, but I am not sure if it is worth the flustration. I can't even get any of my habitats to show up anywhere. ARRRRRG
  • TigresseBlanca
    by TigresseBlanca 6 years ago
    Thanks Angelina, I have to remember that tip. But, how do you move the items about?
  • Punky Newpet
    by Punky Newpet 6 years ago
    I just love Sheep's videos! But in reference to Ann's comment regarding the "Extract to Inventory" button--I've been wondering why we need that button--when I load any of my habbies, any items I don't already have in inventory are extracted automatically in a heartbeat (no freezing or waiting) the second I load the habby--it's brilliant!
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