make over video

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Hope this helps

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  • Neil W
    by Neil W 6 years ago
    Thanks so much for making that. That should help some people see some of the things they can do.
  • Janine
    by Janine 6 years ago
    WTG Neil and thanks Chuck :)
  • Susan
    by Susan 6 years ago
    Nice Job!
  • Leddyta SPP
    by Leddyta SPP 6 years ago
    Thank you very much!!! it's really good :)
  • Maureen
    by Maureen 6 years ago
    Very informative ! thank you it was a big help :)
  • Sylvie
    by Sylvie 6 years ago
    Very helpful...maybe someone can translate it in french?If not I'll try myself...
  • Erica
    by Erica 1 year ago
    I am glad that you have shared the clear description of making an video and its very nice. As a dissertation writer I would say posting such useful things would be very helpful and a nice idea. I hope you would keep sharing and help people.
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