Basic 0101.01

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Here is how I use HabiMakeover program after downloading my pet stuff with spplite. My download folder in HMO I changed name to HMO and also put my spplite habi folder in this My habi folder too.

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  • Possoms & Morph
    by Possoms & Morph 6 years ago
    I have saved all my spplite and HMO files to a outer flash drive, it holds 8gigs. So if my pc ever crash's on me and I need to restore or get a new one, I will still have all my SPP with me forever. Flash drives are easy to use and plugs into SUB port.
  • Mammadefalco
    by Mammadefalco 5 years ago
    No sound on the videos?
  • Bertram
    by Bertram 4 months ago
    Interesting but do you know that the same thing was posted before, at least a week before on so i dont uderstand why would you post this then!!
  • Bertram
    by Bertram 4 months ago
    Oh well this is sort of nice, i mean i like it, its just that i already sort of knew about it before from vr headset so yea, but nonetheless, i am glad that you posted about it here!!
  • Emma
    by Emma 2 months ago
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