Donations to support Habi Makeover

(See the white box below for information on the Files section.)

Habi Makeover Basic is free to download and use, but users are welcome to make a gift to help towards development costs. Donations are used towards website hosting costs, licences and hardware, and to encourage further development.

Easy donation facilities are available through PayPal. Whether or not you have a PayPal account, you can send payments through them. To donate, click the button below to be directed to the Paypal site. Donations are taken in US$, but if your account uses any other currency, PayPal will automatically convert the amount for you.

You are encouraged to donate the amount you think is fair based on your capabilities and the usefulness of the programs to you. Donating towards Habi Makeover Basic is not mandatory, however it is greatly appreciated.

Premium Memberships: Anyone who has donated at least $5 towards Habi Makeover development is entitled to a free 30-day premium membership. It can be renewed every 30 days with a further $5 donation. There is also an option now available to have your membership fee/donation automatically paid each month through PayPal.

A premium membership lets you use the Files tab and the Files section here. This allows easy sharing of habitat files and other files between members. The Files area is not necessary to do decorating on your pet. Since the Habi Makeover program installs onto your computer, even this Community website is not necessary to re-decorate. There are also many other ways to share files but the Files area on Community is one of the most convenient. Instant Inventory coming soon. Watch for details.

When I get your donation, I will look for a matching name or address here on the Community site. If I find one, I will upgrade you. If your email here does not match your PayPal email, let me know so I can fix you up. There is a comment area on the PayPal donation page to leave this information or email

Please go to the donations page to see the options that are available.